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About Us

Structural Engineers NZ Ltd is an Internet-based company run by Ted Dowdall, who has over 40 years experience in all aspects of Structural Engineering Design. We are based in the central North Island of New Zealand, but we also have offices & contacts in other parts of New Zealand, Auckland, Christchurch & New Plymouth. With additional offices in the UK, Sussex & Kent.

We provide designs which are compliant with the Building Regulations of both countries. We have fully-qualified & experienced Chartered Engineers in both countries, knowledgeable of current regulations & relevant design techniques.

We provide a range of services at low-cost, because we are a collective team of individuals operating under the banner of a single company. Thus we have low overheads and then pass these savings directly on to our clients.

Ted is born & bred in England, and has lived in New Zealand for nearly 11 years, and regularly travels between the 2 countries. He is very happily married to his Thai wife, Wan, and also has a home in Thailand with a fully-equipped office, 10 minutes from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

After 40 years in the business, Ted believes that client relationships are paramount to being a good Structural Engineer. He will always carefully listen to your requirements and explain what can and cannot be done, what your legal requirements are, and how best to produce designs tailored for your specific needs, at competitive prices.

You will never receive an incomprehensible document from us. Sometimes structural engineering can be highly complex, but it doesn’t need to be presented as such. All of our work is carefully explained in English that non-technical people can easily understand. We do not do “gobbledygook”! 

We believe in putting our customers first and we will respond to all enquiries within 24 hours. Because our working arrangements are so flexible, we can always meet your program dates, you will never be left waiting for weeks on end wondering what is going on. 

Structural Engineers NZ Ltd believe that good communication is the key to all of the work that we do. We will strive to produce designs that reflect precisely what you want, not just what is easy for us to design! We will keep you informed & updated throughout a project, constantly striving to provide the most cost-effective solution in terms of both design costs as well as build costs.



Key areas of our expertise:

  • Structural Design
  • Seismic Analysis
  • Seismic Design
  • Initial Evaluation Procedures
  • Detailed Seismic Assessments
  • Structural Inspections & Technical Reports
  • The New Zealand Building Act
  • The New Zealand Building Codes
  • The New Zealand Structural Design Codes and Standards
  • Residential & Commercial & Industrial Design
  • Principal Engineer
  • Project Management
  • Technical Documents
  • Structural Software
  • Structural Design & Analysis Expert
  • Finite Element Analyst
  • Attendance at Court & Tribunals as an Expert Witness
  • Onshore Process Structural Design, Oil & Gas, Refineries, Power Generation
  • Structural Engineering for Hydro-Electric, Geothermal, and Nuclear Power Station Design
  • Structural Engineering for Offshore Oil Rig Design (Topsides and Jackets)
  • Design Engineer for Radio Towers & Masts
  • Foundation Design
  • TC1 TC2 TC3 – technical areas of Christchurch
  • Timber Design
  • Steel Design
  • Reinforced Concrete Design
  • Design of Building Structures

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Structural engineering
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PS1 producer statement
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Timber design
Timber framed houses
Foundation design
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Finite element analysis
Structural design drawings
Structural draughtsmen
Structural draughtspeople
Structural drafting
Structural draughting
House extensions
New house designs


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