The Architecture of New Zealand

         Has been impacted by several different traditions, but it is mainly due to a European style-esque. Polynesian impact has also been present in many areas.

Many of the more notable structures in and around Dunedin and Christchurch were built-in the latter part of the 19th century due to the financial growth following the Main Otago Gold Rush. A very common style for these landmarks is the utilisation of dark basalt blocks and facings of cream-coloured Oamaru stone, a form of limestone mined at Weston in North Otago. Remarkable structures of this style, include Dunedin Railway Station, the University of Otago Registry Structure, Christchurch Arts Centre, Knox Church, Dunedin, Christchurch Cathedral, Christchurch, Christ's University, Christchurch, Garrison Hall, Dunedin, areas of the Canterbury Provincial Council Structures and Otago Boys' High School. Several recent structures have mimicked this layout by utilising brick instead of basalt, but making use of less heavy stone facings in an identical style to the older structures. Notable among these structures are Otago Girls' High School and the Timaru Basilica. This area was able to call upon the talents of numerous fine architects during this time, among them Robert Lawson, Francis Petre, Benjamin Mountfort, and George Troup.


Oamaru stone

     In spite of its susceptibility to the components, is utilised as a primary building material on several fine buildings, most certainly in the city of Oamaru itself. The historical sector of this city contains a lot of fine structures built-in this creamy stone, among them is Forrester Gallery and Waitaki District Council building. Waitaki Boys' High School is likewise a major example of the utilization of Oamaru stone architecture.

Napier and Christchurch have experienced damage to several heritage buildings due to earthquakes. Napier was restructured after a 1931 earthquake in an art deco style, which was well-known at that time. The 2010 Canterbury earthquake and the 2011 Christchurch earthquake affected a lot of structures in Christchurch and in the Canterbury Region.

Here at SENZ we can help all these old issues by making your new or old structure up to date in terms of sustainablity, Call or email Ted to see what he can do for you and your architecture.

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