Most of our work in this area is currently centred on the improvement of existing buildings & structures to make them more earthquake-resistant. We have provided many ISA’s (Initial Seismic Assessments) & DSE’s (Detailed Seismic Evaluations) and are fully qualified and experienced in this type of work. We provide clear & concise, no-nonsense seismic evaluations and where necessary, cost-effective strengthening procedures. This work often involves the use of sophisticated analysis techniques and we are experts in this field.

We are also involved in providing new designs, some of our more recent work has included significantly major projects such as oil & gas plant re-designs, offshore oil-rig designs (topsides & jackets), tower & mast designs, down to smaller projects such as steel-framed workshops with overhead cranes.

Basically, if you have a project with structural engineering content, we can design it.

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