This website has been created with the help of a good friend of mine for many years, the best IT guy I’ve ever met. Top-quality and very affordable, Ed is definitely the man to speak to. I first met Ed over a couple of bottles of Old Speckled Hen, 25 years ago, he knows website design & optimisation as well as he knows his beers.

The umbrella organisation under which Engineers in New Zealand operate. Structural Engineers NZ Ltd work strictly to IPENZ procedures & recommendations, at all times. Here you can check the validity of Chartered Engineer’s registrations, see their practice areas, download various forms & advice, and there are contact details for anybody to obtain further information regarding Engineering in New Zealand. A Chartered Professional Engineer registered with IPENZ (CPEng MIPENZ) will give you confidence that your designs will be of the highest standard.

The Institute of Engineering Designers (IED) established in 1945, is the UK's most prestigious professional body for designers operating in the many fields of engineering design - product design, architecture, the marine, automotive and aircraft industries and many more. A Chartered Engineer registered with the institute (CEng MIED) will give you confidence that you are getting the best available advice on all aspects of your project.

Note that Ted Dowdall is both a CPEng & CEng registered Chartered Engineer, and can often provide experience gained in both countries – New Zealand & the UK – to greater benefit than an engineer operating solely in one or other of these countries.

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialist staircases. Visit their site for some pictures of truly stunning stairs. These really are works of art. We are proud to have been their engineering consultants for over 25 years.

My good friend Mike who builds the Ziegel clay block houses. All of these houses have been designed by us, if you want to know more give Mike a call, he is very friendly and very passionate about his projects.

Robyn & Chris MacPherson of MacPherson Architecture. Lovely people to deal with, very friendly and knowledgeable. If you want your home designed quickly & efficiently, these are the people to contact. They have recently introduced the Porotherm clay block system into New Zealand, and are progressing with several exciting, very high-end residential projects.

Very attractive stormwater retention tanks. Often an ugly addition to people’s gardens, Thin Tanks NZ designs are a very attractive solution and we are pleased to be associated with them.

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