This area forms the major part of our work. We design complete homes, extensions & additions, anything from one-bedroom extensions to large, complex houses. We have recently designed houses constructed from timber, concrete, steel and also very specialised houses constructed from clay blocks.

We provide designs for the whole of New Zealand, we are currently engaged in many residential designs in Auckland & Christchurch as well as in the Waikato region. We provide a full range of services including structural engineering design, civil/structural drawings, architectural drawings, construction monitoring – essentially the whole package. We are registered authors of Producer Statement documentation, for local authorities.

We specialise in seismic design, providing resilient engineering designs which are very earthquake-resistant. We are currently designing houses, chimneys, & specialist foundations all for the Christchurch re-build.

Ted is an expert in this type of work and will always provide free initial advice, whatever the size of your project. Since he works independently from insurance companies & major construction companies, he will always offer objective & impartial advice. He has attended court as an expert witness for cases involving poor-quality design & construction, please see the Structural Inspections & Technical Reports link for further information.

For nearly 10 years we have been providing designs to one of our clients based in the Far North, Mike Eyer of Ziegel Construction, who builds houses using the proprietary German clay-block system, with all materials imported from Germany. These homes are superbly energy-deficient, extremely quiet, and are designed in a manner to make them exceedingly earthquake-resistant. Please check our links page for further details.

We also have recently had the pleasure of forming a relationship with MacPherson Architecture, a husband & wife team of Registered Architects operating out of Cambridge. Chris & Robyn are extremely experienced, very knowledgeable, and genuinely nice people to work with. Together we have developed designs for the Austrian Porotherm clay block system which is quite similar to the Ziegel system, providing comfortable, quiet, energy-efficient bespoke houses at the very top end of the residential market. All materials are imported from France, and are of the highest quality. Again, please see our links page for further information.

We are the only firm of structural engineers in New Zealand currently providing designs for these types of houses, which are designed strictly in accordance with New Zealand standards and earthquake loadings, but using design techniques taken from the Eurocodes. We have designed more than a dozen of these houses, our latest project took less than 3 weeks to obtain Building Consent, and is under construction!

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