Because we have low overheads, we "do" charge very competitive rates. A senior Chartered Engineer is usually charged out at $120 per hour - considerably less than most other consultants. An intermediate engineer would be charged out at $100 per hour. Civil/structural draughting is generally $80 per hour. We may charge slightly higher than this for extremely specialised work such as Finite Element Analysis, or complex designs requiring us to do time-consuming research beforehand.

We can also give you fixed price quotations for all types of work. Most people prefer this option so they know exactly what they are going to pay. We will provide clear & concise agreements listing all of the work we would expect to do for a certain price, with additional costings for “extra” work, so that our prices are completely open & transparent.

Sometimes, with structural engineering, the precise scope of works and the content of our deliverables is difficult to fully ascertain at the start of a project. In these instances, we will always list precisely what we have priced to deliver, and we will always seek approval from our clients prior to proceeding with additional work. Because of this, we will also on occasions refund money to clients (yes, honestly) if we feel that something has taken us a shorter time than we originally anticipated.

We work strictly in accordance with IPENZ regulations (please refer to our links page) and always issue Short Form Agreements which are there to protect both parties in the unlikely event of any future dispute. We carry Professional Indemnity Insurance so you have the assurance that all of our work is adequately covered.

We work very effectively from drawings or sketches supplied to us, saving time and money on meetings and travelling. All of our work is easily sent backwards and forwards by email. Drawings can be supplied as DWG or PDF files, and all of our calculations are carried out using TEDDS - a sophisticated design & presentation package - and issued as either WORD or PDF documents.

Calculations and drawings can be “signed off” by a Chartered Professional Engineer electronically and we can issue PS1 Producer Statements using the same method. These are accepted by local authorities as being secure documents.

XSteel detailing is charged out at $60 per hour - which provides very cost-effective shop fabrication drawings & CNC data. Since we have engineers as well as experienced draughtsmen, we can provide a total package including full steel design, or connection design, leading to production of shop drawings. This can have a considerable effect on the reduction of overall costs as well as program times - since unnecessary repetition is avoided. We can also quote on a tonnage rate if required. Our largest project to date was the structural detailing of a multiple crane gantry site in the UK, in excess of 2000 tonnes of steelwork, which was fabricated & erected without a single error. We were extremely proud of this particular project.

If site visits are required we can easily access anywhere in New Zealand. Depending upon the project, it can be quicker and cheaper to use us rather than local engineers.

Our principal engineer has over 40 years experience, the last 11 in New Zealand. With over 30 years of experience of Structural Design in other countries, mainly the UK, he can often provide cost-effective design solutions that are not immediately apparent to solely NZ-trained engineers. This can often save both time and money.

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