The best till last ???

This really is my passion, almost a vocation. I have had the pleasure and the honour of providing all of the structural engineering design for Spiral Staircase Systems in the UK for well over 25 years now. Please, please, visit their website on my links page, I guarantee you will be amazed. They are one of the best – if not the best – companies in the world providing bespoke staircases. The company is run by two people, Alan & Steve, who really are the best there is.

There is nothing that they do not know about staircase construction. Their stairs are literally works of art. I provide their designs and give them advice that they generally do not need, but the end result is always fantastic. Together we have designed & built stairs all over the world, as a company their reputation is second-to-none.

We have designed stairs built from steel, timber, aluminium, gold-plated copper, glass, Perspex – you name it.
Their drawing office produces 3-D visualisations of stairs prior to full design, which are so realistic you cannot tell them apart from the final product. Throughout my website there are a mixture of both renders & photographs of stairs that I have designed for them, I hope you will agree that they are truly special.

Currently they are developing 3-D printing as a design office tool, this is in its infancy, but is proving to be a useful tool for the development of new designs – I just hope it doesn’t replace me!




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