Carrying out Structural Inspections and writing Technical Reports of existing buildings requires many years of experience from a Senior Structural Engineer

This really is our field of expertise. We have provided literally hundreds of structural inspection reports of all types of structures & buildings, for all types of purposes. Whether you have a building that has been damaged in an earthquake, constructed badly, blown over in the wind, or for some reason has not performed as you expected it to, we will find out why.

We provide clear & objective technical reports which, whilst being highly technical, can also be easily read & understood by anybody. We always provide a clear & concise Executive Summary intended to be read by clients, building contractors, architects, local councils etc., we do not provide an incomprehensible set of figures with little or no explanation.

Ted is an expert in this type of work and will always provide free initial advice, whatever your requirements. Since he works independently from insurance companies & major construction companies, he will always offer objective & impartial advice. He has attended court as an expert witness for cases involving poor-quality design & construction, please see our Structural Inspections & Technical Reports link for further information.

Ted has inspected just about every type of structure you can imagine. He has climbed up a 100 metre high radio tower, gone scuba diving down to the bottom of timber piled foundations several metres below water, crawled around in literally hundreds of roof attic spaces, crawled underneath almost as many houses, abseiled down the outside of buildings, and even squeezed down to the very bottom of the reactor unit of a nuclear power station. After more than 40 years of carrying out structural inspections, he has finally learned to duck when necessary! :)

Ted is IPENZ trained to be an expert witness in court, he is fully conversant with the New Zealand legal system, and the Codes of Conduct for Expert Witnesses; both the High Court’s Code as well as the Environment Court’s Code. His command of English is excellent, always providing a perfect balance of technical reporting and simple explanations. He is "very" passionate about this type of work, and always willing to give free & impartial advice for anybody either considering, or already engaged in, court action.

Please be aware that we never compromise on quality & integrity, or objectivity. We do not provide subjective reports for the benefit of any particular client, we tell the truth! Sometimes this can be unpalatable, but we will never “bend the truth” or leave things out (or put things in). When we attend court, we can only be 100% objective, we are not there to act as an advocate on behalf of a client.

Local Authority Building Consents & Documentation

Again, this is an area in which we excel. We are fully conversant with the New Zealand Building Act & the Building Regulations, and Ted is a registered author of Producer Statement Documentation for local authorities throughout New Zealand.

Any structural calculations that we carry out are put into the form of a Design Features Report which clearly explains the design process involved, and the means of achieving Code Compliance for any particular Building Consent Application. We pride ourselves on enabling our clients to speed their applications through the building consent process, we make sure that the right information is provided in the best possible manner to facilitate this process.

Building Consent Applications are accompanied by a PS1 (design) Producer Statement and a Memorandum Certificate of Design Work (where applicable, for Restricted Building Work). Usually, we will be asked to provide Construction Monitoring and subsequently issue a PS4 Producer Statement which confirms that particular project or structure has been built in accordance with the New Zealand Building Act. We have representatives all over New Zealand, so the fact that we are an Internet-based company does not mean that this process will be unnecessarily expensive.

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